How do I get my keys back after services?

Key Release Policy:

Two working copies of your house keys must be provided at time of registration/ consultation. If you live in a gated community, you must provide a gate card, remote or appropriate access codes. NO KEYS will be mailed by regular mail. Should keys become unusable, lock malfunction, Client fails to leave a key or for any other reasons beyond Pet Sitter’s control, JND and Pet Sitters have authorization to employ the services of a locksmith to gain entry into a Client’s home on Client’s behalf. Client will be responsible for all expenses and time incurred and reimburse Jill’s Next Door upon return. If you prefer us to drive to you and pick up your key, and drop it off upon your return, there will be an automatic $12 charge each way.

We will not work with condominiums sales office to pick up or drop off keys. Many times, the sales reps are off touring prospective owners/renters, or are not available when we arrive or depart to handle the key. Oftentimes, the sales office is closed for holidays or evening visits. We will however, work with 24 hour desk representatives who have your key on file. Front desk reps must be present upon our arrival and departure to handle your key–any additional time that we have to wait beyond reason may result in extra billed time.

Lock boxes are JND’s preferred method of access to your home. Lock boxes can be sold by Jill’s Next Door or you may use your own. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the lock box is in working condition and is placed in a secure location outside of the home before visits. Up tp (2) tested key copies should be placed inside. Do not add key tags or key rings. If client’s use electronic locks, key fobs and garage code access, keys must be hidden on the property or with a neighbor in case of power outages or low battery issues. JND lock boxes are $20 plus tax and will be billed to the credit card on file. It is the pet owners responsibility to provide safe access to their home: leaving outdoor lights on for evening visits, cleared pathway of debris for home access, etc.

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