What happens during inclement weather?

In order to ensure the safety of JND and clients, the Inclement Weather Plan is initiated when potentially dangerous weather conditions make it difficult to access clients’ homes. While this may be rare, I have had to initiate this plan during hurricane season for safety purposes and road closures. I announce the Inclement Weather Plan for that day and specific weather concern via social media and email. All clients should provide an emergency contact upon registration. With usual rain or shine, we will be there. However, we will not walk if there is a torrential downpour or dangerous lightening; we do not want to put your dog(s) at risk. We also take into consideration how your dog feels about walking in the rain. JND will make up the time by bringing the fun and exercise indoors.

When the temperature exceeds 85 degrees, we may also limit time outside or divide the walk into two shorter walks. The comfort and safety of the dog in extreme heat, protection from hot pavements, and heat stroke avoidance is our main goal in these conditions. Plenty of water and cool down time will be provided after all walks.

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