Jill’s Next Door’s Canine Aqua Fitness Program is a low impact way to improve the health and fitness of dogs through a safe, guided swim in the comfort of the owner’s pool. Each swim session is a full body workout that increases circulation, builds muscle strength, aids in weight management, and increases canine mobility. Swimming provides dogs with a break from the Florida heat, active stimulation to reduce stress, and provides social enrichment through bonding with our trained Canine Aqua Fitness Handler.


life Vest Fitting

We put safety first, providing life vests and floating noodles for extra support for your pet.

Slow and Steady

We start by entering the water slowly ensuring acclimation with positive praise.


After entering the pool, your pup learns to float, adjusting to buoyancy and building trust.


Our coach will gently guide your pup by getting low in the water and encourage paddling.


Once your pup and the handler is comfortable, we continue with guided, hands-off laps.

enter and exit

Finally, we help your pup learn to enter and exit the pool independently and safely.





PRE-SCREENING AND ASSESSMENT:  Before the start of services, we will ask you prescreening questions in regard to your pet’s health, ability, and goals with our program. Once we collectively determine that your pup is a candidate for aqua fitness, you and your pup will meet with our Canine Aqua Fitness handler to assess of your dog’s swim level.

WAIVER AND ORIENTATION:  Waivers and orientation must be completed before the start of services. The orientation will include a life vest fitting (vests provided by you or Jill’s Next Door), assessment, and collection of the signed waiver. Orientation and assessment session is 90 minutes of vest fitting, handling instructions, customized program planning, acclimation and education. Owner must be in attendance for the orientation and assessment. Initial Consult and Assessment Fee: $75

HEALTH & SAFETY:  Our goal is always safety and healthy first! If your dog is prone to (or has had previous issues) with: ear, urinary tract, and/or skin infections, please keep a watchful eye on any symptoms. We thoroughly rinse the dogs after swimming and towel-dry them off. We highly recommend consulting with your veterinarian to assure your dog is healthy and green-lit to swim. Please talk to your vet about ear drops or preventative measures to avoid ear infections. We will happily administer drops with your consent. Life vests are required for all swims. We will never leave your dog unattended in the pool or backyard. If your pet has difficulty with the pool steps, we recommend adding a pool ramp for easier access. Please make sure your pool is properly chlorinated to reduce eye burning. Please do not feed your pup right before the swim session. Be sure to have a fresh water hose ready for clean up.

COST AND DURATION:  All sessions are 60 minutes, with 30 minutes of swim and 30 minutes of preparing your pet for their swim, and cool down, pee break, water, treats and towel dry-off after the session. All 60 minute sessions include a visit report with pictures and updates emailed and texted to you in real time. $50/per session (holiday fees may apply).

HYDROTHERAPY:  Please note that we do not offer hydrotherapy or physical therapy for pets. We do not have a swim therapist on site and recommend contacting local, licensed therapists that offer hydrotherapy such as Healing Hearts in Boynton Beach, Florida.


Our aqua fitness handler will come to your home to meet you and your pets and provide an assessment.


Schedule your customized swim fitness session, view visit time blocks, and pay your invoice.


Receive GPS tracked timed visits reports sent via text and email immediately following every visit.