Jill’s Next Door Dog Walking & Pet Services’ partner Cat School offers cat training tutorials that are fun and easy for every cat to learn. From training tools to step-by-step tutorials, they make the training process achievable and more joyful for you and your cat. Cat School helps cat lovers teach their cats fun and practical skills to increase activity, sharpen mental ability, improve behavior and strengthen the cat-human bond. You’ll have access to online courses, community, and one-on-one support. Work at your own pace to teach your cat practical skills, tricks and get support for solving problem behaviors like counter-jumping and improving cat-cat interactions.

Fun Training → Happier Pets

Relationship Building

Easy Step-by-Step Lessons

Enrichment and Activity

Suitable for Cats and Kittens

Training Support

Behaviorist Designed

Get Your School Supplies & Join The Online Program

Clicker Training Toolkit

Includes a clicker, target stick and introductory guidebook – everything you need to start clicker training your cat.

Courses and Support

A monthly membership to their online training platform. Also includes support from a certified Cat School trainer.

Meet Your Teachers

Julie Posluns, Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB)

Julie earned her Master of Science in Cognitive and Behavioral Ecology at Memorial University and became an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. They create cat training tutorials that are fun and easy for EVERY cat to learn. Thousands of students have learned from clicker training and proven that cats are trainable and love the enrichment and activity that training provides. 

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