Jill’s Next Door Dog Walking & Pet Services, LLC is the proud recipient of 17 awards, 3 international and 14 local awards, celebrating pet care excellence and animal rescue efforts. JND has been featured in publications such as The Boca Raton Tribune, Newswire, The Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, Pets+ Magazine, Pet Sitters World Magazine, Coastal Star, among others. JND has also been interviewed on iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Podcast Addict, and locally on Delray Morning Live! Read more below.

Best Pet Sitters, 2024

Winner Pending: Best of Palm Beach County Awards are the highest designation for local businesses, celebrating and recognizing the best our community has to offer.


Local Business Person of the Year Top Ten, 2024

TOP TEN Small Businesses across all industries in Alignable’s 2024 Local Business Person Of The Year Contest for Boca Raton.

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Best Pet Sitters 2024, NOMINEE

Winner Pending: Best of Florida is an annual round up of the best products and services you can find across the great state of Florida.

Best Pet Sitters 2023, Finalist

Best of Palm Beach County Awards are the highest designation for local businesses, celebrating and recognizing the best our community has to offer in South Florida.

Best Pet Sitters, HALL OF FAME 2022, 2023, 2024

The Boca Raton Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community in Palm Beach County.

Pet Care Provider of the Year, 2022

The IBPSA award recognizes individuals who have a clear vision and a positive company culture, excel at animal welfare, and take part in education programs.

Best Pet Sitters, 2022

Best of Palm Beach County Awards are the highest designation for local businesses, recognizing the best our community and Palm Beach County has to offer.


FINALISTS, 2021, 2022, 2023

Best of Palm Beach County collects thousands of votes each year to recognize local businesses for outstanding professional presence and community response. 


Neighborhood Favorite, 2021

Annual Neighborhood Favorites awards are the only business awards program based on recommendations from real neighbors that live in the local community. 

Pet Adoption Advocate of the Year, 2020

The Pet Adoption Advocate Award through Pet Sitters International recognizes Jill Merjeski  in Delray Beach, Florida, for her efforts to help feral cats and promote South Florida pet adoptions and online pet advocacy.

WINNER, 2019, 2020

Best of Palm Beach County collects thousands of votes each year to recognize local businesses for outstanding professional presence and community response. 

Petatarian of THE YEAR, 2020

The Petatarian Award honors an individual, company or organization that has made outstanding efforts to improve the pet care industry through humanitarian or animal welfare efforts or education and industry development.

Delray Morning Live Interview

Jill’s Next Door Dog Walking & Pet Services, LLC was interviewed on The Greater Delray Chamber of Commerce’s Delray Morning Live! Program in 2020. Jill highlighted her pet advocacy efforts, the launch of her JND Feline Alliance Program, and the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter.


Pet Sitter Confessional Podcast Interview

Pet Sitter Confessional is a podcast by pet sitters for pet sitters, dedicated to sharing their stories and experiences, so the pet care industry can grow in knowledge and community. We discussed what it means to be an advocate for pets and raising the bar on pet care industry standards.

Pet Advocate of the Year Building Cat Sanctuary for Elderly and Disabled Cats

By Kari Barnett, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Feline Alliance Program fundraised over $2,500 to build a farm catio for disabled, elderly or unadoptable cats. The catio serves to protect the kitties from predators whilst providing standard cat and medical care. She created her own self-funded, advocacy and feline adoption program as an alliance with pet rescues in South Florida. Her advocacy efforts recently were recognized by Pet Sitters International, an educational association for professional pet sitters, naming her 2020 Pet Adoption Advocate of the Year. 

Jill Merjeski Now Serving South Florida Communities with Award-Winning Company

Press Release, Newswire Media

Jill’s Next Door Dog Walking & Pet Services, LLC has quickly become a top choice for pet parents living and traveling in Palm Beach County, offering various services that ensure pets receive the best care possible. Jill’s Next Door Dog Walking & Pet Services, LLC, was founded by pet care professional Jill Merjeski, MS, CPPS®, CTNRP, and has become one of South Florida’s premier dog walking and pet sitting companies. Jill’s Next Door strives to provide pet parents with high-quality service and the peace of mind they need that their pets are in good hands.

Jill’s Next Door Dog Named the Winner for the IBPSA Pet Care Business Excellence Petatarian Award

Jill Merjeski was named the winner for the IBPSA Pet Care Business Excellence Petatarian Award. The award–through the IBPSA–honor those businesses raising the bar for professionalism and success in the pet care services industry. “As the pet care industry continues to explode and competition increases, it’s important to recognize those professionals who are setting themselves apart from the crowd,” said Carmen Rustenbeck, IBPSA’s founder and CEO. “Jill is helping to raise that standard.” 

Petatarian of the Year Announced

Jill Merjeski was named the winner for the IBPSA Pet Care Business Excellence Petatarian Award. To meet the initial threshold for a nomination, pet care providers must have been in business for at least  three years and a current member of IBPSA for at least six months. Next, nominees were required to submit information reflecting their financial growth in the past year, company description and vision, and company culture. Nominees were also required to provide information on how the business excels in animal welfare along with details on education and certifications completed by the business owners and employees.

Conversations with Ibby Winners With Clay Liebrum

The 2020 IBBYs were presented to the winners in multiple categories during the final session at the Eighth Annual IBPSA Virtual Conference & Trade Show. I was able to get a chance to talk with our five distinguished winners. We wanted to ask them some questions about their business and operations, but we also spent some time talking about the past year and all that went along with the many situations that almost everyone had been facing. It was a pleasure hearing the success these people are finding as a result of the passion they have for the pet care industry. I definitely learned a few things from these incredible people, and our hope is that you will, too.

Pet Sitters International names 2020 Pet Adoption Advocate of the Year

Pet Sitters International has named Jill Merjeski of Jill’s Next Door PSI’S 2020 Pet Adoption Advocate of the Year. Merjeski, owner of Jill’s Next Door Dog Walking & Pet Services, LLC, devotes countless hours to feeding cat colonies, fostering cats and kittens, and also uses her business acumen and online platforms to assist a variety of pet rescue organizations in her area. “There’s so much time, energy, passion, love, and resources involved in volunteering, but it’s all worth it to make a difference to at least one animal in need,” said Merjeski. “I am especially grateful to be a part of the PSI community and the impact we are all making.”

Paws Up for Pets: Need a top-notch sitter? Professionals outline their services

Jill Merjeski was interviewed in 2022 after being awarded and recognized 11 times–locally, nationally, and internationally for her pet care an animal rescuing efforts. Jill left a career as a Senior Academic Advisor at Drexel University in Philadelphia to launch her pet sitting business in Palm Beach County in 2017. Four years later, her company was named Pet Advocate of the Year by Pet Sitters International and last year, JND was tabbed as the Best Pet Sitters of Palm Beach County by The Palm Beach Post. “These are big honors, especially considering we started from nothing,” says Merjeski. “I am always educating people that my company is part of a professional association that provides continual education and certifications to its members. We rely on the latest technology to communicate with our clients.”

Reaching Prospective Clients with Both Four and Two-Legged Children

Pet Sitters International (PSI) member Jill Merjeski, owner of Jill’s Next Door Dog Walking & Pet Services, LLC, in Boca Raton, Florida, shared about how she included PSI’S Early Education Program® materials in recent community outreach efforts. Jill presented to 111 students and 10 faculty members for PSI’s Early Education Program®, teaching the Pet Safety and the Importance of Animal Rescue. Through demonstration and student volunteers, she showed the students how to approach an unfamiliar dog and avoid bites. She also highlighted her career in pet care, and how the students can get involved in animal rescue. Each student “adopted” a stuffed dog or cat, complete with its on kennel and certificate for being a rescue hero.

We Are Delray – There Are Ordinary Heroes All Around Us!

By Lynn Van Lenten

I am sure the word HERO brings a famous song to mind. The Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl claims that he didn’t look up to celebrities growing up. Instead, he admired the hard work and perseverance of ordinary people. This idea is embedded in his song “My Hero.” One line goes like this, “There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes. There goes my hero. He’s ordinary.” This month let’s look at some ordinary heroes meeting everyday needs. Their contribution, day in and day out makes the statement “We Are Delray” more than ordinary! Let’s see how:

Do you have a dog who needs daycare or daily walking? How about some companionship or pet-sitting while you travel? Securing the right “hero” to provide your furry family member with the care you need is often hard to find.

Meet local hero Jill Merjeski, owner of Jill’s Next Door Dog Walking & Pet Service. Her team customizes all pet needs because any animal owner knows no two pets are the same, right? “The foundation of our award-winning company is a genuine love of animals,” said Jill. “Our team is dedicated to providing reliable, trustworthy pet care while offering peace of mind to pet owners in our community.” Jill meets every pet’s need, making her a pet hero!

Paws Up for Pets: Senior Pet Month a reminder of the joy older dogs, cats

By Arden Moore: National radio show host, podcast host, professional speaker/emcee, best-selling author, Fear Free certified professional and master pet first aid/CPR instructor, NAPPS Magazine Editor

ill Merjeski, founder of the award-winning Jill’s Next Door Dog Walking and Pet Services (www.jillsnextdoor.com), based in Highland Beach, does a high percentage of her business catering to senior pets.

“Although we always keep a keen eye on all of our clients’ pets’ health, we pay close attention to senior pets,” says Merjeski. “For senior pets, we perform a house check to make sure that their beds, food and water are easily accessible for them and that the home temperature is comfortable for them.” Merjeski also customizes play time for senior pets.

“On walks with older dogs, we may walk slower and take more time and maybe include backyard time in a secure, fenced-in yard to customize the visit,” she says. “For older cats, we may include wand toys that we move more slowly and at ground level to be mindful of the senior cat’s mobility.” Her pet-sitting service also offers Canine Aqua Fitness, which enables safe mobility exercises for senior dogs struggling with arthritis. Merjeski shares her home with 5-year-old cats named Jules and Izzy, but also fosters elderly cats from All About the Cats Animal Rescue (www.allaboutthecatsrescue.org).

“We absolutely love our senior pet clients,” she says, adding with a laugh, “They also don’t seem to get in trouble as much as their kitten or puppy counterparts.”