Jill’s Next Door presented PSI’S Early Education Program® to the Girls Scouts of SE Florida for their Entrepreneurship Program with CareerSpark! We are proud to support their mission in empowering girls to pursue a career in whatever field they choose, and how to get there. We will also present on pet safety and the importance of domestic and wildlife animal rescue with our wildlife rehab partner, the late Sue Shearouse of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, South Florida Wildlife Hospital, and more. We provided the troops with live kittens, opportunities to donate to local rescues, and visualization activities to spark their passion and carry life-long memories forward. 


Jill's path to becoming a successful entrepreneur, including what it takes to get there, what the journey has been like, and what it is like to be an entrepreneur now in today's world.


Jill's own personal story on combating gender stereotypes and championing women in the workplace: the advantages, challenges, and opportunities for women in business.

careers in pet care

Jill presents on the pet care industry, all of the different avenues women can take to work with animals as a career, and the path to becoming a successful leader in their field.


Pet safety is imperative in pet care. Demonstrations include: safe handling, bite prevention, canine body language, and more. Girls receive a badge in Pet Safety.


Students learn the importance of animal rescue by "adopting" a stuffed wildlife or domestic animal in it's own kennel.


Pet Sitters International (PSI) is the world’s largest educational association for pro pet sitters. PSI supports sitters and recognizes industry excellence.

Every Girl Scout has their own curiosity, dreams, and talents—so when they come together to decide which of the thousands of Girl Scout activities to try, the sky’s the limit. Whether visiting an animal shelter, camping, hosting a dance-off, or filming a movie—they’re learning to take risks, trust their gut, and team up with others for good. Girl Scouts who participate in the CareerSpark! series explore career fields they may not be exposed to elsewhere. The girls gain an understanding of the educational and experiential requirements to reach different career goals. They also earn about the status of women across industries and feel empowered to pursue a career in whatever field they choose. Source: Girl Scouts of SE Florida.