Jill’s Next Door has partnered with Ryan Dempsey, owner of Dog Patch SF and the Ropes for Rescues Program. Ropes for Rescues is a rock climbing rope recycling program that refurbishes old ropes into dog leashes benefitting the community, animal rescues, and the environment.


Ropes for Rescues is a recycling program designed to breathe new life into used rock climbing ropes. They refurbish these retired ropes and create beautiful dog leashes, while limiting landfill contribution, and donating to animal rescues.


Dog Patch SF collects these donated ropes, washes them in dog friendly soap, and repurposes them into durable, eco-friendly dog leashes. Every leash is handmade in San Francisco with the lowest impact on the environment.


When climbers donate their rope, they choose their favorite animal rescue, where 10% of the profits are given directly to the rescue. If the climber doesn’t have a specific rescue in mind, they select one of their rescue partners.



Thank you for sponsoring a Ropes for Rescues Climbing Rope Dog Leash for our friends at the Tri-County Animal Rescue of Boca Raton. Ropes for Rescues has been able to donate leashes to over 350 rescues and organizations from Florida to Australia with your help! We sought out their company to be part of their mission. Tri-County is a 100% No-Kill, 501(c)3, nonprofit animal shelter working to prevent the killing of 170,000 unwanted pets in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties each year. They rely 100% on community funding, so every dollar counts! 

Dog Patch SF & Ropes For Rescues

Ryan Dempsey, Founder

Ropes for Rescues started when owner Ryan Dempsey rescued two pups, Rascal and Oona.

As Ryan got to know his new pups, he began making various dog products specific to their unique quirks. His local community noticed his talents, motivating Ryan to launch Dog Patch SF and Ropes for Rescues. Ryan dedicates his life to creating products benefitting the animal rescue community and the environment.

Ryan has donated leashes to over 350 different animal rescues from San Francisco to Ecuador. For a comprehensive list of rescues they have partnered with, visit their Community and Rescues page and website. Learn more