Why Choose Us


First Rate Team: We contract ONLY dedicated pet care professionals. We work with sitters who have practical experience in the pet care field and view their time with Jill’s Next Door as part of their career path. We run an extensive screening process on all applicants, shadowing, tests, and background checks on all sitters. Your pet will never be unattended to, as WE HAVE A TEAM FOR BACK-UP IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES WITH YOUR PRIMARY SITTER.

Professionalism: Jill’s Next Door is a professional pet care company. Our clients know that they are trusting their loved ones and their homes to a well-established, experienced, qualified, insured and bonded business.

Reasonable and Competitive Rates: We understand that owning and taking care of a pet is a large investment, so we make our services affordable and competitive. We offer an assortment of services at many different price points to accommodate all pet care budgets.

Customized Services: We realize that no two homes or two pets are exactly alike, so we offer a wide variety of services to precisely fit your needs. You will tailor your own pet care plan. We offer an estimate of all charges before our registration meeting.

Safety: For the safety of our fur clients, we require all walks be leashed and all yards be securely fenced in. We ask about all physical ailments and allergies at our meet and greet. Generally, we do not allow the pets in our care in interact with other pets on their walk for safety reasons. Your pet’s safety is our number one priority.

Experience and Educational Development: Our experience and knowledge allows us to better understand your pet’s needs and how to best interact with them. Jill’s Next Door strongly believes in continual education and constant renewal of knowledge. As such, we are always updating our expertise of animal behavior and animal care.

Technology and Convenience: To help our business run as smoothly as possible we take advantage of all that technology has to offer, we use a high-tech scheduling and database system so NO pet is ever left behind. This portal also provides convenience for our clients to book pet care, view their personal service calendar, and update their billing information and password. Our clients are able to keep their files up-to-date electronically so nothing falls through the cracks. We have also created a mobile application, Time to Pet, which allows our clients to keep in real-time contact with their pet sitter. Our owner, Jill Merjeski, oversees all messaging and interaction between the sitter and the client to assure the visit is running smoothly.

Unsurpassed Personal Service with Outstanding Communication: We are here to provide our clients with a phenomenal pet care experience. This is done not only with top-notch pet care but also with spectacular customer service. We understand the value of open communication. We monitor the voice mail, text/TTP chat and email in the case of an emergency. Additionally, our sitters leave detailed reports in real time after each visit and can keep you updated on your furry loved ones by sending you texts, pictures and emails immediately after each visit in real time.

Follow-Up: To best service our clients it is vital that we obtain feedback, so we always follow-up to receive an assessment of your experience. We highly encourage our clients to let us know what they loved about the process and what suggestions they may have.

Genuine Love of Animals: Jill’s Next Door was founded on my passion for animals, which this is still the root of our success. All of us at Jill’s Next Door make it our priority to provide your pets with as much love and attention as you would. Our purpose is to promote your pet’s health and well-being.