For Pet Sitters

Pet Sitter must sanitize hands before entering client’s home.

Pet Sitter must wash hands for 20 seconds immediately after entering the client’s home.

Pet Sitter refills the water bowl after washing hands.

Pet Sitter wipes the leash with an antibacterial wipe or spray.

Pet Sitter wipes off any surfaces touched with an antibacterial wipe/spray including door handles, keypads, etc.

Pet Sitter washes hands when exiting the client’s home.

Pet Sitter is to alert our office if they suspect an illness and are uncomfortable returning to the client’s home.

For Clients

The client is asked to wipe down any surfaces like door handles and faucet handles, with antibacterial cleaner or wipes.

The Client is asked to have soap, paper towels, and antibacterial wipes/spray, immediately available. Client should have all pet accessories in one continuous spot close to the front door.

If the client or member of the household is home when the Pet Sitter arrives for their visit, there are two options: client washes hands, prepares their dog for the walk, and then handoffs dog at the door. Client or member of the household goes into another part of the house while their Pet Sitter follows the procedure stated above, for the duration of the visit so that there is zero contact with the sitter.

COVID+ or Possible Infection

If one of our team members becomes infected with COVID-19, they will immediately contact the office and we will cancel their schedule of services with no charge. We will also contact you directly to let you know if you may have been exposed. We will cover the sitter's schedule of visits with one of our uninfected team members.

If the client becomes sick on the day of a scheduled visit, they are to notify the office as soon as possible so that we can cancel the scheduled visit.

Please note that standard JND cancellation fee applies to COVID related cancellations. Please review our policies for more information.

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