Tips For Picking The Right Facility For Your Pet

When searching for a hotel or lodge to stay during vacation, you don’t simply pick the one with the cheapest rates and book a room.  You check what various hotels have to offer, go through the photographs of what different guests room look like and then make a final, informed decision  Wouldn’t you do the same for your furry friend? If you are planning on boarding your dog in the near future, you will want a place like Jill’s Next Door, where your pet gets the absolute best attention.  If you are still researching to ensure you are booking the best boarding facility in Boca Raton for your pet. Here are a few steps and considerations to make:

Talk to Different Boarding Facilities

Before you settle on a dog boarding Boca Raton facility, it is important to talk to various facilities. Pay close attention to who will be in contact with your furry friend, eat and play every day and take note of their friendliness.  You want to ensure that your dog will be with people you can trust and that will interact positively.  Jill’s Next Door is certified in several areas, plus fully background checked to give you peace of mind.

Ask The Facility to Describe The Daily Routine

What will your furry friend be doing while with the sitter?  This is more than a reasonable question and you should get a detailed response. Obviously, it is impossible for a pet boarding facility to tell you everything that the pet will do during every minute, but they should give you an idea of the types of activities that pets are involved in before making a reservation.   At Jill’s Next Door, we exceed our Customers’ expectations on a daily basis, and it shows with each interaction.

What About Vaccinations?

More often than not, a pet care facility will have a list of vaccinations that your dog needs to have before they are taken in. It is advisable to get your paperwork ready to prove that your furry pal is vaccinated. If you don't get your paperwork, contact your vet and ask for a copy as they usually have them on data files.   Jill’s Next Door will also give your pets their medications if requested.

Aggressive Dog Breeds

Most pet sitters work with aggressive breeds, but it is good to have them meet with the pet in advance.  They should demonstrate how they will handle the pet, make sure they form a bond, and that they are in control.  Pet sitters are trained on how to control the meetings, and make sure the visit is completely pleasant.  Jill’s Next Door has that gentle touch and delicate tone to give your pet loving attention.

Customer Support

An ideal pet care facility will have well-trained and experienced staff members that know the needs of their clients and pets. Check whether they have their contact information displayed on their site and that they are active on social media. Drop a line on Twitter or Facebook and see how fast and willingly they respond. Dog boarding Boca Raton facilities that take their clients seriously will get back to you promptly and in a friendly manner.

If they are unresponsive to your inquiries, look for another boarding facility. Care centers that are always willing to receive your calls, messages and answer your questions are the type of facilities that will give you the confidence that they are able to take care of your furry friend.


Dogs require regular grooming and so, it is advisable to pick a pet sitting facility that provides this service, or works in hand with a groomer. There are two primary advantages to this. The first is that the grooming will be handled and you won't have to make another trip to a groomer in Boca Raton. Second, a dog usually bonds with the person who grooms them as the task is usually relaxing and soothing to pets.

If you pick a boarding facility that offers grooming, you can rest assured that your pet will be more comfortable with the handlers and groomers at the facility.

Ensure That The Boarding Facility is Staffed When You Need Them

In case of an emergency, you want to be certain that someone is going to be available to tend to your pet and other pets. It is simply not acceptable to leave your furry friend in situations where they could potentially be left unattended for long periods of time. So, ensure that the sitter will fulfill their promises.

By keeping these tips in mind, you should see that Jill’s Next Door is the best dog boarding facility in Boca Raton!

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