Jill’s Next Door Is The Best Dog Daycare Boca Raton Facility

If you are very busy at work and don’t want to leave your dog at home alone the whole day, place your trust in Jill’s Next Door.  Our compassion for pet sitting is evident in the excitement of your pet when we arrive!  We are the preferred dog daycare Boca Raton facility for the entire community.

With there being so many dog daycare options in Boca Raton, here are some tips to help you find the best one for your dog’s needs, and see why Jill’s Next Door is the right choice.

Talk with the Pet Sitters directly

Once you have identified a few dog daycare Boca Raton facilities, you need to ask the owners or managers to tell you about their services. You need to know that they will fit your needs, and give you comfort that your pet will be cared for properly.  You should also check that they are certified in the pet sitting industry.  Jill’s Next Door holds several certifications that we are proud of!  Some of the safety features to look out for include the following:

Grouping Or Separation Of The Dogs

When you leave your dogs in the dog daycare facility, they will be grouped into different playrooms depending on many factors. Depending on the size of the facility, all the dogs might be left alone to play in one area. However, some facilities separate their dogs depending on their size, play style or temperament. It’s a good idea to consider separation regardless of whether or not your dog plays with larger or smaller dogs in the park.

What’s The Staff To Dog Ratio?

You need to ask the dog daycare facility if they are following the state guidelines for staff to dog ratio. However, a good rule of thumb is assigning one human to 15 dogs. You can also opt for a smaller facility with fewer dogs per human to make sure that your pet gets the desired attention without begging for it. With a smaller ratio, it’s easier for the dog daycare owner or assistant to tend to your dog’s needs without negligence. Jill herself is always involved and makes sure the dogs are given plenty of attention, and we never overbook!

Are There Guided Activities?

Before you leave your dog at the daycare, you need to find out if there are guided activities. Will the dogs be trained on anything? Is it simply playtime throughout the entire day? Guided activities are ideal because your dog might improve their behavior. If possible, settle for a dog daycare facility that offers behavior modification and training together with various play activities. When your dog comes home at the end of the day, you can rest assured that the behavior will have improved.  Jill’s Next Door realizes that exercise is important for your dog.  We mentally and physically stimulate the dogs with planned activities.

Are Dog Toys Allowed?

It’s not tough to find a lot of dogs that are very aggressive when left with other dogs, especially when they are playing with toys. If you are sure that your dog doesn’t get along with others when playing with toys, make sure the dog daycare owners know about it. That way, they can watch your dog carefully during the entire session. Of course, some facilities don’t permit you to bring any toys for your dog so you need to know what you are getting into beforehand.

How Do They Handle Treats?

In some dog daycare facilities, dogs are rewarded for good behavior while some ignore it altogether. You need to find out about the treats policy in place. You should notify the facility if your dog often displays aggressive behavior. Don’t forget if your dog is on a special diet. It might be disheartening for your favorite pet to become ill because they received a treat that affects their digestive system negatively.

Are Boarding Services Available?

If you might be interested in dog boarding in Boca Raton, you need to choose a dog daycare facility that offers the same. Remember, you don’t know when you might need a dog sitter for a whole night or a few days when you are on vacation. Rather than springing an entirely new person in your dog’s life, they would be acclimated to an environment they have been used to for a few days.

Ask if there are any boarding options beforehand and their policy. That way, whenever you need a sitter, you can always take your dog to the facility and relax knowing that your beloved pet is safe throughout the night or over the days you will be away. Take the time to research various dog daycare centers to find the best one for your pet’s needs.

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