10 Ideas for Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

Funny dog Halloween costumes might not have the same scare factor as their spooky counterparts, but we still get a total kick out of them.

Getting your dog their own costume is a great way to include them in the Halloween festivities. If they’re up for it, your costumed friend can be a fantastic companion on your trick-or-treat route, or they can join you as you open the door to hand out candy to neighborhood kids. In either case, these funny Halloween dog costumes are guaranteed to garner smiles and will provide you with plenty of silly pictures to look at all year round.

10 Dog Costume Ideas for a Fun and Funny Halloween

If you believe the funniest dog Halloween costumes are the best dog Halloween costumes, then we’ve got some fun ideas to get you inspired for the upcoming holiday.

1. Walking Teddy Bear

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Trick or treaters will definitely take a second glance when they see this two-legged teddy bear walking down the street. Note that this costume is best suited for dogs with short or medium legs, though it is available for larger dogs too.

2. UPS Delivery Driver

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Rain or shine, your pup is here to make sure you get all your deliveries right to your door (though we can’t guarantee they won’t chew them up first). This funny UPS costume is a total crowd-pleaser and comes with sturdy stuffed “arms” to hold the box in place.

3. Hula Girl

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Aloha, hula girl! Your dog will be a total delight in this funny costume, and you can easily coordinate your own costume by going with a related Hawaiian theme or going as a fellow hula girl yourself.

4. Lion

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Your dog already has most of what they need to pull off a fantastic lion look—they just need a mane! This is a great choice for dogs who might not be open to a full-body costume and is also effortlessly hilarious to boot.

5. Octopus

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Because sometimes four legs just aren’t enough, why not turn your dog into an octopus for Halloween? Just make sure they don’t use all those legs to suction up any spare candy!

6. Cheeseburger

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Your dog likely loves the smell of cheeseburgers, so maybe they’d like to look like one too. This is a great option if you’re looking for funny large dog Halloween costumes since it’s detailed enough to stand out while also being suitable to fit bigger breeds.

7. Franken-Pup

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This costume might be modeled after a famous monster, but we think your dog will look more hilarious than scary as they wear it around town. Even funnier, go as a mad scientist and let everyone know who’s responsible for this adorable creation.

8. Penguin

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Brr, it’s chilly out there! Embrace the cold by turning your dog into a silly waddling penguin, complete with a fancy bowtie.

9. Pennywise from “IT”

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If your dog has a history of clowning around, then Pennywise could be the way to go. There’s nothing terrifying about this killer clown costume, but there are guaranteed giggles every time you look over and see your pup in a wig.

10. Skunk

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Let’s be honest, sometimes our dogs have more in common with skunks than we might like. And even freshly-bathed dogs will be a hoot when dressed up as one for the Halloween holiday.

Halloween will be here before you know it. Choose a costume from this list for an unforgettably hilarious day, or continue searching and find that perfect costume for your own oh-so-funny dog.