Best Dog Trainers in Delray and Boca

Dog training is important for a number of reasons, a big one being safety. With proper training, you can keep your dog safe when you’re out in public and you can avoid harmful encounters with others. It’s also a lot easier to manage a well-trained dog at home than it is to handle one who continues to chew up your shoes and pull at the leash during walks. If you want a well-behaved pup at … Continued

How to Help Your Rescue Adapt to Their New Surroundings

Adopting a pet is a truly rewarding activity, but the initial adjustment period can be difficult if you don’t prepare. Your new cat or dog is going to be a little nervous when they first arrive at their new home. It usually takes a couple of months for your new furbaby to adjust to a new house, but you can take some preemptive measures to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Below are five ideas for … Continued

How to Calm the Fear in Your Rescue Pet

It’s wonderful that you’ve rescued an animal from the shelter and given them a new forever home. You might notice, however, that your new furbaby has a few anxiety problems and hates to leave your side. Separation anxiety and timid behavior are common in rescues. Prior to your loving home, a lot of rescue pets come from abusive backgrounds and un-ideal living conditions. You know that your new pup is in a safe place, but … Continued

The Importance of Healthy Treats and Meals for Your Pet

Just like humans, pets need a balanced, nutritional diet to keep them happy and healthy. A lot of house pets, however, are being overfed or consuming too much unhealthy food during the day. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, in 2018 approximately 60 percent of cats and 56 percent of dogs were overweight or obese in the United States. A pet that is overweight is more prone to health issues and the excess … Continued

How to Keep Your Pets Safe When Fostering an Animal

People who foster do so because they love animals and want to see them find loving homes. As an animal lover, you may already have several pets in your home and want to continue helping by fostering a local cat or dog. Safety concerns can hold people back when it comes to fostering animals in the same space as their pets. If you want to foster but you’re worried about your dog or cat, below … Continued