How to Select The Best Dog Walker and Avoid The Wrong Person

There are plenty of fantastic reasons to hire a dog walker. You may have adopted a puppy or an older dog, and you need to ensure they get the potty breaks and pet care they need. Perhaps your schedule has changed–you may have just had a child or a busy season at work. You may have noticed some behavioral issues, and believe your dog will reap the benefits of additional physical exercise and stimulation. Whatever your reason, connecting with the right dog walker will make a wonderful and beneficial difference in your pet’s and your lives! Here are some tips on finding the right dog walker for you and your pup, as well as on the questions you need to ask to ensure you’re choosing the best dog walker for you and your lifestyle.

Where to Look for a Dog Walker in Delray Beach

Ask your dog-owning family members, pals, colleagues, and neighbors for a referral to a pet sitter they love!
Check with neighborhood shelters, veterinarian offices, or groomers for any referrals.
Ask your dog trainer. If your dog is having difficulties with leash walking, some “training walks” will help make all your walks safer and a lot more enjoyable, too.
Of course, the web is a great resource. Check reviews, look for affiliations, certifications, and make sure they are insured and bonded so that you can find the best dog walker Delray has to offer.

Questions to Ask Your Dog Walker Before You Hire Them

When you’ve found a couple of potential candidates, there are a few crucial questions you should ask. Following all, you have to trust your puppy walker not merely with your dog’s health insurance and activity, but in addition to the dog and home’s security. safety. Please note that the dog walker will be given access to your residence and community. Face to face meet and greets are imperative when starting a relationship with a dog walking company.

Dog Walking Business Questions

What is the length of time have you been running a pet care business?
Are you currently licensed, bonded and insured?
Can you give me a number of references?
What are your rates and payment schedules?
What is your cancellation policy?
If you’re out sick or on vacation, will there be an additional dog walker who can cover for you?
Do you walk more than one dog at any given time? If so, what is the maximum number of dogs walked simultaneously? (Group on-leash walks with more than three dogs could be stressful for many dogs and challenging for novice dog walkers.)
If you walk dogs in groups, what’s your policy on walking dogs together that haven’t been spayed or neutered? (This most likely wouldn’t be described as a problem for young “intact” dogs. A sexually-mature intact dog may cause fights, unintended matings, as well as other problems.)
What are the timeframes the dog walker arrives? Where will you go and what is needed on the walk?
Are you going to send pictures and updates from your walk? Will you give a report card that notes my dog’s energy level, mood, and eliminations by the end of each and every walk?

Wellness & SAFETY:

What is your way of training and correction? (Its critical that you and your dog walker are on the same page, and ideally that your dog walker uses only positive, rewards-based methods of training.)

Does the dog walker know first aid, including CPR? Have you been knowledgeable about the signs of heat exhaustion and also heat stroke? Can you learn how to separate a dogfight, need to there be considered a problem?

Can you know where my veterinarians office is? What concerning the neighborhood Animal ER? (In case your dog walker is going to be walking your puppy regularly, or if there are likely to be times your dog is within their care and you also won’t be effortlessly reachable by phone or email, it’s best if you leave your puppy walker with a medical treatment authorization form… just in case.)

Is it possible to accommodate all my dogs needs? (This could mean anything from accommodating the special challenges of a particular breed, a medical condition, behavioral issues, or simply having the ability to adapt to your dogs changing moods.)

Making certain you’re acquiring what you’re investing in.

It’s a good idea to continue to keep a watchful eye and check on your dog walker each and every once in a while.

Hiring The WRONG Dog Walker

Watch for that development of concerning behavioral or physical changes in your dog, and continue to monitor the interactions and comfort degree of your puppy around your dog walker.

Ask your neighbors keep an eye out and not hesitate to let you understand when they see anything suspicious.

Set up web-connected nanny cams by your front door or throughout your property. These are really easy to setup and there are several alternatives on the market, just like the Nest Cam.