Pet Etiquette for Dog Parks and Dog Beaches

Taking your dog on outings can be incredibly fun for you and your dog, but pet etiquette should always be followed. Pet etiquette is important not only for the safety of your pet, but also for those around you. The next time you go to a dog park or dog beach, please keep the following pet etiquette rules in mind.

Pick Up After Your Dog

It’s your responsibility as a pet owner to pick up your dog’s poop. If you’re not willing to clean up after your dog, then don’t take them to the park or beach. Please know that forgetting a poop bag is also no excuse. You’re in a place filled with other dog owners. One of them will gladly give you a bag to clean up your dog’s poop so the space stays clean.

Pay Attention to Your Pup

Some pet owners see dog parks and beaches as a space to let their dogs loose and free. To a certain extent, this is true. Let your pup stretch its legs and sprint to its heart’s desire. However, that doesn’t mean you should stare at your phone the whole time or let your dog run far away from you. Dogs usually get into trouble when pet parents aren’t paying attention. You always need to be alert to your pup’s behavior when you’re around other dogs and people. If your dog is being too aggressive with other pups, call it back to you.

Respect Leash Laws

Leash laws are in place for a reason. They keep you, your dog, and others safe. Letting your dog off leash around other leashed dogs can cause a lot of agitation in the other animals. Don’t make a walk difficult for others by allowing your dog to run all over the place and get the dogs worked up.

Train on a Regular Basis

Proper dog training can be incredibly beneficial at dog parks and beaches. The ability to recall your pup with a simple command can keep your dog from getting too close to a dangerous area. Off-leash verbal control will make you feel more comfortable in public places, and you’ll feel better letting your pup off leash.

Protect the Environment

Dog beaches, in particular, have a lot of nests and plants important to the local environment. Excited dogs can do a lot of damage if not carefully watched. You don’t want your pup tearing up a nest or unburying turtle eggs. When you arrive at the beach or park, make note of any delicate natural areas your dog should avoid.

Be Considerate

Ultimately, pet etiquette is about being considerate of others and your surroundings. Pick up your pup’s poop, keep your dog from disturbing protected areas, and don’t let your dog get too aggressive. If you notice your pup is being too disruptive, you may need to take it home and come back after you’ve done more training. Visits to the dog park and the dog beach should be enjoyed by everyone. As long as you follow the pet etiquette rules above, you will have a good time and so will those around you.