10 Reasons Why Rescue Pets are the Best

Adopting a pet is incredibly rewarding and much needed. According to the American Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 6.5 companion animals enter shelters every
year. You have the opportunity to provide a loving and safe home for a dog or cat in need. Below
are 10 reasons why rescue pets are the best pets you could have.
1. You save a life
Shelters can only support so many animals. Unfortunately, every year shelters are forced to
euthanize animals when their numbers get too high. The fact is, too many pets come into the
shelters but not enough of them are adopted. By taking an adorable kitten or puppy off their
hands, you’re providing room for another animal in need.
2. Not picky eaters
Most of the time rescue dogs and cats aren’t picky eaters. They’re happy to eat whatever you put
in their bowl so you don’t have to worry about buying premium food unless you really want to
spoil your new fur baby.
3. Lower medical costs
Shelter animals often have a lot of their shots already and have already been spayed or neutered.
This saves you a ton of money when getting a new pet because you don’t have to pay for
vaccinations on top of a purchase fee.
4. Healthier animals
Most pets found at the shelter are mutts, but this usually makes them healthier because they have
a more diverse gene pool. A lot of purebreds have genetic health issues and dogs from puppy
mills or breeders tend to have health issues from poor animal care practices. With a rescue, your
cat or dog will be in better shape and will already have been treated for any medical issues it had
when it arrived at the shelter.
5. Loyal companion
Rescue pets are known for being fiercely loyal. When you take in a shelter animal you give them
a home where they can feel safe and loved. The bond created between you and your pet means
you’ll have a friend for life.
6. Less training
A lot of rescues have already been house trained or are being fostered and taught proper
behavior. Fewer accidents inside the house are good for your furniture and your sanity, which is
another reason why adopting a rescue pet is the best.
7. No puppy stage
Puppies are adorable but this is also the time they can be at their worst. When you’re caring for a
puppy you usually end up with a lot of indoor accidents, chewed up furniture, and scratched up
carpet or floors. Adoption lets you skip the puppy stage and care for a pet that’s received some
training and will be less destructive.

8. More exercise
A rescue pet will help you get a lot of exercise because you’ll want to take them on numerous
walks. Many rescues come from homes where they were often confined and not treated properly.
You now have the power to make your new pet happy every day with a simple walk.
9. You can help them heal
It’s beautiful to watch your rescue blossom in a loving environment. When you first bring home
your new dog or cat, you might notice hesitant or fearful behavior. As your pet gets more used to
its new home, however, it’ll start moving around with more confidence and showing you more
affection. It’s wonderful to see the transformation.
10. Support local shelters
Adopting a rescue is the best because you can rest assured knowing that you’re doing something
good not only for your pet but for your local animal shelter or rescue. Puppy mills often add to
the overpopulation at shelters, so support local humane organizations instead.
Shop around at different shelters and rescues in the area to find the cat or dog that fits perfectly
with your family. Once you do, you’ll see for yourself just how amazing rescue