Best Dog Parks and Dog-Friendly Beaches in Boca

Delray Beach and Boca Raton are both known for being pet-friendly communities. You can even find a number of dog parks in the area where your pup can socialize and get plenty of exercise. If you live in one of these areas and are searching for a fun place to take your pup, check out one of the parks suggested below.

The Best Dog Parks in Delray Beach Delray Beach has an excellent dog park for your pup called Lake Ida Dog Park. The Lake Ida Park is perfect for pups of all sizes. The park has two sections for large dogs, which are kept open on a rotation. The rotation allows for optimal maintenance of the dog park, so the space stays clean and well-kept. Lake Ida also has a separate section available for small dogs, so if you have a little pup you don’t have to worry about it getting run over by a bigger dog. All fenced dog play areas are also set up with double gated entryways so your pup can’t escape while others are entering the park. If you live in Delray Beach, Lake Ida Dog Park is a must-visit for you and your pup.

The Best Dog Parks in Boca Raton Boca Raton offers two exceptional dog parks for your pup to play: Canine Cove and Mizner Bark. Both locations have attractive amenities and your pup is sure to have a good day at each.

Canine Cove at South County Regional Park Canine Cove isn’t just a great spot to bring your pup. It’s a fun place for the whole family. The park is approximately 848 acres and includes a playground, community center, waterpark, and more, in addition to the off-leash dog park. The fenced-in dog park is a well-maintained 3-acre space that is divided into three sections for large, medium, and small dogs. The size separation helps keep the number of dogs in each area to a more manageable number. In addition, the dog park has a gazebo and shaded benches for pup parents who enjoy resting in the shade while the dogs run around. Canine Cove even has a handy dog washing station, so if your pup gets dirty while playing you can rinse it off as you head out.

Mizner Bark – Boca Raton Dog Park Mizner Bark Dog Park is another great location to take your pup during the day. Like Canine Cove, the park is split into three sections so your pup will be matched with other dogs its size. The big difference between Mizner Bark Park and Canine Cove is that Mizner requires a parking permit. Residents can acquire a pass free of charge by providing proof of residency, and non-residents can buy a pass for about $26 per month.

The Boca Raton Bark Beach If your pup loves the water and sand, don’t worry! Boca Raton has a great dog beach where you can let your pup run around off leash. However, a permit is required to bring your dog into the area. The annual fees are currently $31 per dog for residents and $167 per dog for non-residents. You can also buy a simple weekend pass for $11 per dog if you’re not planning to go there often. Exercise is extremely important for your pup’s health, and luckily Delray Beach and Boca Raton have a number of places for your dog to run around. Next time you take your pup out, be sure to stop by one of these locations so your dog can have a good time.

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