Are Your Cat’s Eyes Watering? Here Are Some Possible Causes

If you’ve noticed your cat’s eyes watering excessively, then it’s expected that you might feel concerned. The eyes are more than just the windows into the soul—they can also be a key indicator of health. This becomes especially important with our pets, who are unable to speak to us directly about how they’re feeling. And while watery eyes might not be a symptom of something serious, it’s worth learning more about the causes so that … Continued

Why Do Cats Like String?

Ever found yourself wondering why do cats like string so much? Our cats have a lot of strange behaviors and preferences that we might have trouble understanding, including an infatuation with a seemingly simple object. So if you’ve got a cat obsessed with string, here’s what to know about where that infatuation comes from and what’s so endlessly entertaining about it! Reason #1: Cats and Strings Go Together Like Predator and Prey Cats are much … Continued

Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Coping with the loss of a pet is never easy. Pets are truly members of our family, and their passing can be heartbreaking in many ways. No matter how long your beloved animal companion was in your life, the mutual love, trust, and bond that you share is immutable. And losing that, coupled with losing the mere presence of your pet in your home, is incredibly hard and should never be undervalued. Unfortunately, many people … Continued

10 Ideas for Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

Funny dog Halloween costumes might not have the same scare factor as their spooky counterparts, but we still get a total kick out of them. Getting your dog their own costume is a great way to include them in the Halloween festivities. If they’re up for it, your costumed friend can be a fantastic companion on your trick-or-treat route, or they can join you as you open the door to hand out candy to neighborhood … Continued

The 11 Funniest Halloween Costumes for Cats

We don’t know about you, but when we think about our favorite Halloween costumes for cats they’re almost always ones that make us laugh. Not all cats are open to dressing up on Halloween—and that’s totally okay! But if your festive feline is keen to get in on the fun, then you’ve got your pick when it comes to adorable costumes for kittens and cats. It’s impossible not to smile when you see a cat … Continued