How to Find a Dog Groomer You and Your Pet Love

Wondering how to find a dog groomer that’s right for your furry friend? There’s a bit more to consider than just who’s cheapest and most convenient.

Dog groomers work closely with your pup and need to be skilled in what they do. You must also find a groomer your dog likes, trusts, and feels comfortable around. And while it can take some time to settle on the right fit, it’s worth it to do your due diligence and ensure you find someone who checks off all the right boxes.

Here’s how to find a dog groomer to hire, including the questions you should always ask before scheduling your first appointment.

Find the Right Pet Salon

When looking for a dog groomer, you’ll usually start by researching pet salons in your area rather than individual groomers. Ask friends for referrals, or talk to your vet or dog walker. Or, if you’d prefer to start your search for a groomer online, look up local pet salons and read through all the reviews. Digging into first-hand experiences is always more beneficial than going off a salon’s website. It can help you identify whether there are any ongoing issues you need to know.

Ask for a Tour

Visit the salon and groomer you’ve chosen in person. This allows you to see the facility and ensure it’s safe and clean. It’s also an excellent time to ask questions.

Questions that you will want to ask on your tour include:

  • How much experience do you have?
  • Did you go to school for grooming?
  • Do you have experience working with my breed of dog?
  • What does the grooming process entail?
  • Do you belong to any dog grooming associations?
  • What safety measures do you put in place?
  • What do you do if my dog is anxious while being groomed?

Be sure to ask about relevant certifications since many states require that professional dog groomers be certified and licensed.

Learn About Pricing Details

Cost is an essential factor when choosing a dog groomer. Ask about the salon’s pricing structure and whether you pay per service or purchase grooming packages. If it’s a package deal, find out precisely what is included in the base price and what additional fees there might be (such as for special services or products).

Have more than one dog? Ask about discounts for multi-pet households. Many salons offer savings for households bringing in two or more pups regularly.

Trust Your Gut

One of the reasons that visiting with a groomer in person before moving forward is vital is that your instincts can tell you a lot about whether someone is a good fit or not. If you’re having second guesses about a groomer because of their communication style, the state of their salon, or any other reason, big or small, that’s a sign you need to look elsewhere. As your dog’s caregiver, it’s your job to find a groomer who can provide them with the highest level of care. So trust your gut, and don’t feel bad letting someone know you’ve decided to go in another direction.

Schedule Your First Appointment

You’ve done your research, so it’s time to schedule an appointment with the groomer you chose. You probably won’t be able to watch the grooming session itself, but you should still keep an eye out for signs that it was (or wasn’t) a success. Did your dog come out clean and looking top-notch? If they’re stressed or anxious, do they calm down quickly when back in your presence? Look out for signs of ongoing stress like diarrhea or lack of appetite, which suggests your dog isn’t in the right hands.

Finding the right groomer can make all the difference. Remember to take your time, and always keep your dog’s needs front and center during your search.

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