The 11 Funniest Halloween Costumes for Cats

We don’t know about you, but when we think about our favorite Halloween costumes for cats they’re almost always ones that make us laugh.

Not all cats are open to dressing up on Halloween—and that’s totally okay! But if your festive feline is keen to get in on the fun, then you’ve got your pick when it comes to adorable costumes for kittens and cats.

It’s impossible not to smile when you see a cat in costume. Bring the grins (and the laughs) this Halloween with these hilarious pet Halloween costumes for cats, including genius ideas for complementing your own holiday get-up.

Funny Halloween Costumes for Cats

The best costumes for cats usually end up being the funniest, too. Get inspired with these top picks and make this a Halloween you’ll definitely never forget.

1. Cool Cat

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Your cool kitty deserves a cool costume—and one that’s just a bit silly, too! As a bonus, this costume might come in handy again at your next summer BBQ.

2. Pirate

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Does your cat have a tendency to dig for buried treasure in their litter box? This is the costume for them. Just be sure to hide any candy well out of sight, since this is one pirate who might be on the hunt for forbidden goods.

3. Sliced Bread

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There was a certain era of the internet where it seemed like you couldn’t go a single day without seeing a cat’s head poking out of a slice of bread. If you remember those days fondly, then this funny costume is a great callback (and will result in equally great pictures).

4. Lion

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Let your kitty channel their ancestors in this oh-so-silly lion mane. Even better if they’ve got the perfect “rawr” to go along with it.

5. Princess Leia

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There’s a good chance your cat has curled up on the couch through many Star Wars viewings. And if so, they might love going as the epic and intergalactic Princess Leia, cinnamon bun hairdo and all.

6. Spider

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Sneaky, quiet, and ready to pounce… our cats actually have a lot more in common with spiders than we normally give them credit for.

7. Unicorn

Source: Amazon

Make it a magical night with this endlessly humorous cat unicorn costume. It’s just a headpiece so your cat might be more likely to wear it—plus it’s a for-sure crowd pleaser.

8. Doctor

Source: Amazon

Did somebody call a “dog”-tor? Your pup might not be amused by their kitty sibling’s medical get-up, but you definitely will be!

9. Pizza

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Cats and pizza are two of the things that we love the most in this world. Bring them together in one silly costume, complete with lots of cheese and an assortment of savory toppings.

10. Banana

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For the health-conscious cat who still wants to get in on the funny food-inspired costumes, we recommend dressing them up as a bright yellow banana. Yum yum!

11. Monster

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Your little monster is already perfectly suited to pulling off this little monster cap. You’ll know they actually look cuter than tough, but don’t tell them that.

Your cat is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood with any of these funny costumes. If you’re not sure which way to go, consider choosing a costume that coordinates with your own, or something that fits with your cat’s unique personality. There’s really no way to go wrong, so long as your cat is comfortable and enjoys all of the attention (because they’re certainly going to get a lot of it!).